ORIGINAL: Oil & Cold Wax
"What Dreams May Come" 24" x 36" Diptych Set

Designer: Terry C Hall

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"The shadows of trees provide enigmatic designs throughout the day as well as moonlit nights, creating intriguing patterns for imagination."

When I was a child, the shadows of bare trees in the moonlight often stirred my imagination. They were like dark fingers reaching toward me, sometimes making me uneasy enough to pull the covers over my head. But my dreams never featured the trees as menacing creatures. They were more like sentries, guarding my room, protecting me from any harm. Trees are our shelters that, like the serendipitous form of the butterfly encased within the thicket, are sanctuaries of rest for our souls.

By turning my reference photo of a pair of trees on a snow-blanketed morning into a black-and-white posterized image, what remained was a tentacled-pattern of branches above and shadows below in a wild and intricate burst of shapes. In painted form, hues of blues, teals, and violets woven through a textured warm black create a subtly-colored and enigmatic design flowing through each piece. It is up to the viewer's imagination to complete the story. ~ tch


Oil & Cold Wax on 2 - 24" x 36" x 1.5" deep diptych on cradled panels, unframed. Wall Buddies sets are provided to allow hanging per purchaser's needs. (Due to the multiple options for orientation of this diptych, there is no artist signature on the front of the piece. Artist signature on the back allows for any orientation desired.) Note to purchaser: If you have determined the orientation for your needs, please contact us at purchase and we will be happy to attach the Hanging Buddies in the desired orientation for you, if preferred. These mechanisms provide the most stable method of hanging a diptych set such as this. Instructions for attachment and use will be provided with purchase if orientation is not established at purchase. 

Sizes for each orientation shown:
🔸Side-by-Side Layout in purple wall vignette = 36" tall x 48" wide

🔸Horizontal Layout in turquoise wall vignette = 24" tall x 72" wide

🔸Stacked Layout in coral wall vignette = 48" tall x 36" wide (Contact us for inquiries regarding art styled "calligraphic" pieces included in vignette)

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