We Want to Help You Build Your Sanctuary

It's a known fact that human beings need to feed their spirit as well as their body. That's why we say fine art isn't a luxury, it's a must. Personalizing your space with beautiful things, including art that you love, isn't frivolous. Rather, it generates centeredness, productivity, creativity, and a sense of well-being.

Sanguine Fine Art offers art that will uplift & inspire. Our customizing services accommodate color, size and substrate modifications. And through this website and our blog, we come alongside you to coach and educate toward art-styling your new purchases.

Our passion is to encourage you to create your own havens – spaces that comfort you & give you energy. And we encourage you to start with art.

The Backstory

Early on, SFA co-owners Terry C Hall and Kathi Gerritsen worked together at the same land planning, architecture, and landscape design companies, illustrating and drafting designs for large land development firms all over the US and internationally for more than two decades. During that time, they were exposed to all forms of residential and commercial design, basically from the ground up.

Eventually, they left that industry to start a commercial art business as faux-finishers and muralists, staying very busy for several years. Through that business, their projects included contracting to interior designers and builders in homes throughout Southern California's high-end areas such as Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla.

As their families grew, they decided to take a break from the physical demands of their business by pursuing separate creative endeavors. Kathi developed a business in digital and web design, and Terry became an award-winning fine artist.

Recently, Terry and Kathi decided to combine their experiences to open an online fine art boutique, Sanguine Fine Art. Working together for 30 years in the construction and design industries has instilled a strong desire to help others create their own best environments to enrich their lives.

It is SFA's goal to provide high quality fine art that rocks your walls, as well as ideas that support concepts that harmonize any space.