"Flor D'Luna (Moonflower)", 10" x 10"

Designer: Terry C Hall

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"I can't help it - I love painting women wearing the traditional attire of their heritage, in this case, the arrangement of her hair ribbons."

While attending an event in Scottsdale, Arizona, this young woman was waiting for her group to take their place in the parade, an annual event called "Paseo del Sol". When she saw that I had my camera pointed at her, she gave me a big saucy smile. So cute! I knew she would become one of my future works!

My style is to caricaturize the person in my piece, often by exaggerating some of their features. (In her case, her neck is longer than normal) The result still highly resembles the reference but is removed from realism. It's my way of being who I am as a creator! ~tch


Oil on 10" x 10" canvas panel framed in an ornate gold and copper-rubbed frame, wired and ready to hang. I painted this piece on a 10" x 10" with metallics highlights on canvas board, framed in a righteously elaborate frame that celebrates this portrait! She's wired and ready to hang but is also small enough for displaying in an easel. I promise she will enhance any space she graces!

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