ORIGINAL: Oil & Metallics
"El Dorado", 20" x 60" Triptych

Designer: Terry C Hall

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"The legend of the Longhorn Cattle started when the Spanish settlers of the 15th century brought their Iberian Cattle to the borders of Texas in the early 1700s."

When you see images of the iconic Longhorn Cattle, what do they make you think of? "Lonesome Dove? The Chisolm Trail? 1883? In any case, these legendary cattle evoke a time past, a different era, even though they are prevalent today in many ranches in the west. Known for their toughness on the trail, they provided a source of survival for many adventurers seeking a new home in the wild, wild west. They are intriguing and fascinating to watch if you have the chance to follow them as they follow the time worn trails of the ranches where they reside.

I had access to the skulls of these magnificent creatures and wanted to create a portrayal to honor this legendary hero of our past. The strong colors and textures of the abstract background become an arena for his likeness to float above, providing an mystical vision of this legend of El Dorado, "The Golden". ~ tch


20" x 60" Oil & Metallics Triptych on 3 - 20" x 20" x 1.5" cradled birch panels. Each of these 20" x 20" cradled panels have unfinished sides, sealed with varnish for protection. 

This triptych can be either hung with a mechanism that will hold all three together in industrial-style bolts with iron bars, or French cleats will be provided for individually hanging each piece at a preferred hanging distance. Contact us with any questions.

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