ORIGINAL: Acrylics
"Some Like It Hot" 24" x 18"

Designer: Terry C Hall

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GEOTHERMAL SERIES - In this latest collection, we're diving into the mesmerizing world of geothermal natural energy, affectionately dubbed 'earth heat'. Picture this: effervescent bubbles dancing through each piece, like tiny bursts of joy erupting from the depths of the earth. It's like Mother Nature herself is painting with bubbles, giving us a series that's as dynamic as it is captivating.

Ah, behold our inaugural piece: "Some Like it Hot". And yes, you guessed it right, we gave it that name in honor of none other than Marilyn Monroe herself. I mean, come on, when it comes to heat, there's hardly anyone hotter than Marilyn! She's the epitome of sizzle, the queen of radiance, so it only felt fitting to pay homage to her in our fiery creation. (Watching her in the movie of this title proves our point!)

"I developed this concept back in my early years of art and illustration, working with inks and watercolors. I would create 'blooms' of colors on paper and then outline them with ink. I loved the movements this technique created on small pieces of watercolor paper, so I'm recreating these memories as larger works of whimsical bursts of color flowing through the canvas, creating movement just as a flow of bubbling hot waters will seep from the earth in pockets of geothermal heat." ~ tch

Wanna know what's really cool about this piece? It can be hung as vertical artwork or horizontal artwork in your space! The signature is in the lower corner left-hand corner when hung vertically and the lower right-hand corner when hung horizontally. That's pretty awesome, right?! Where else can you find an original artwork that's this versatile?!


Acrylics on 24" x 18" x 1.5" deep cradled panel in a modern black floater frame with a gold .5" face, wired and ready to hang.

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