ORIGINAL: Oil & Cold Wax
"Exuberance", 30" x 30"

Designer: Terry C Hall

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"Exhibiting power and grace, this exuberant creature battles against the formidable pull of gravity."

The graceful liftoff of large exotic birds often resembles a sophisticated dance with gravity's pull. The large wingspan of egrets, relative to their body size, fits this description. The beauty of the angelic white feathers is like the delicate layers of a bride’s gown fanning the sky as the strength of the thrust lifts this beautiful creature off the ground. This is pure exuberance that we were exhilarated to witness!

Note: "Exuberance" is also available as a gallery wrap giclée in various sizes here.


Oil and cold wax on 30" x 30" x 2" deep cradled panel, custom framed in maple floater-style frame, wired and ready to hang.

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