Fine Art Papers/Canvas Giclées
"Cue the Cha Cha"

Designer: Terry C Hall

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Size: 8" x 8" fine art papers

One of the most popular yard art objects is the pink flamingo, featured in lawns and gardens throughout America in some of the oddest locations.

We chuckle at the sight of them because the impression they offer is fun and playful, along with a dose of whimsy. We also find ourselves smiling in appreciation when we see these real life elegant beauties preening and parading their plumage in zoos and animal parks. They present an aura of graceful dancers, choosing the steps of a Latin rhythm as they sashay across the pools of their exotic environment. Enjoy the show!

What's your style? Fine art papers are best shown with large mats, museum-style, in simple frames, no matter which size you choose. Black is for sophistication and unity, color is for fun, so be sure to go for what works with your vibe! For the flat mount canvas giclees, this is where you should be adventurous! Go with a frame that fits your decor: Boho, antiqued, modern, traditional, or rustic are some ideas. Remember to have fun with your choice. This is for you, not anyone else, so no fear allowed! For a great variety of fun frames online, go to sites such as


Print sizes shown represent actual size of image. All prints include a 1.5" border surrounding the image. Frame not included.

Flat mount Canvas Giclées are lustrously printed and mounted on gator foam, ready to pop into a frame of your choice, no glass needed. Frame not included.

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Note: All sizes shown are flat mount canvas. Contact us for pricing if gallery wrap is preferred.

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