Canvas Giclées
"Atlas Shrugs"

Designer: Terry C Hall

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Size: 10" x 10" flat mount canvas

"These Southeast Asian gentle giants, presenting a threatening image of one with built-in weapons, dig deep into leaf litter to avoid predators."

Have you ever visited – or even lived in – a country whose native critters are those you have never seen before? And maybe they look dangerous, but everyone tells you they’re not? Through a job assignment many years ago, I lived in Jakarta, Indonesia, for almost a year. It is such a beautiful, verdant country but the “wildlife” there was definitely nothing I was accustomed to during my years in the Southwestern US. Whether the creature was 4-legged, 6-legged, 8-legged, or had wings, very few of them were familiar to me, least of all the Atlas Beetle. They are gentle giants, harmless to us, but their appearance is definitely imposing when encountered unexpectedly. With his massive body and that menacingly large horn, this image of him marching forward on what could be a tiled floor provides a glimpse into the enchanting, enigmatic world of Southeast Asia, an experience I will never forget.

What's your style? For flat mount canvas giclees, this is where you should be adventurous! Go with a frame that fits your decor: Boho, antiqued, modern, traditional, or rustic are some ideas. Or have fun with color! Remember to have fun with your choice. This is for you, not anyone else, so no fear allowed!


Flat Mount Canvas Giclées are canvas prints mounted on gatorboard backings, providing a stiff panel to insert in a frame of your choice. Frame not included.

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