ORIGINAL: Oil & Metallics
"Cherry Jubilee" 36" x 24"

Designer: Terry C Hall

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36" x 24" Oil & Metallics on birch panel framed with a gunmetal gray floater, wired and ready to hang.

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"The nurturing of an orchard results in a successful harvest for those lucky enough to savor the sweetness of the magnificently ripened fruit, a jubilee of flavor."

A bowl of cherries set on a counter are so tempting, and so hard to resist. That luscious glossy red harvest promises a tartness, yet a burst of sweetness rarely experienced with any other fruit. And the best part is that they come with a natural handle that’s perfect for our fingers!

Cherries make such a great subject to paint. They challenge the painter with an incredible form and a palette of the richest reds available in a tube. I created an abstract form surrounding this solitary fruit, almost a curtain of lace that allows the cherry to be center stage, providing a celebration of its intense presence. ~ tch