ORIGINAL: Oil, Gold Foil & Metallics
"Catch of the Day", 40" x 30"

Designer: Terry C Hall

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"The Great Egret, a sleek white beauty, is frequently seen throughout southern marsh habitats, in eager search of his daily provision."

Birds are amazing creatures that are fascinating to watch, especially as they hunt for the day's meals. This egret was strolling through a boggy area, thick with bamboo and reeds, in search of his supper. Shallow waters are filled with aquatic, crawling, and flying things that look pretty appetizing to an egret. For this hunt, lightning-fast reflexes were rewarded with a delectable morsel! Maybe not delectable to us, but it certainly was to him!

TEXTURES! The style of this piece suggests an Art Deco elegance, with a simplified, textured egret created with cold wax as well as flat, stylized stalks and leaves of antiqued gold foil. It was necessary to create the layers in a staged development with each element produced separately, as each layer had to dry before the next could be applied. The result creates a dramatic effect of harmonious levels of texture and color with a striking plot, as we witness the success of the egret's hunt.


40” x 30” Oil, Gold Foil & Cold Wax on 2" cradled birch panel, textured with cold wax, gold foil, and metallics, framed in a 2.5" deep gold floater, wired and ready to hang.

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