Original Art with a Contempo Vibe

Sanguine Fine Art offers a range of styles, starting from images that include a stylized realism to those that are a departure from reality but suggest a recognizable form, and finally to those without any recognizable form, often called nonobjective or nonrepresentational. In addition, there are a variety of sizes that fit many budgets. And, don't forget, we offer interest-free payment plans. Be sure to contact us prior to purchase so we can make arrangements.

Our collection of originals include works from Terry Cooke Hall, an award-winning oil painter, as well as our master digital designer, Kathi Gerritsen. As you browse our collections of fine art prints, you can be assured that we use high quality printers for our reproductions, with guarantees of archival-quality inks and substrates. When you buy from Sanguine Fine Art, you can be confident you're getting the finest quality originals and prints. Have fun shopping!

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Visit the Studio of SFA & Artist Terry C Hall

For those who are located near Bozeman, or those who are planning to pass through Bozeman, the studio is located about 5 minutes out of town.

There is almost always a work in progress on my wall easel as well as other pieces in various stages of completion displayed around the studio.

And, if you’re visiting with a client, I can bring out pieces of interest for them.

A Few Ground Rules

I welcome questions and conversation during your visit.However, this is a 👉 WORKING STUDIO 👈 , which means this invitation is for those who are serious about discovering what I have to offer. In that light, there are a few ground rules:

🔑 Time is important to me (as I’m sure it is to you). Commitments and deadlines are firm, so visits are generally limited to about an hour.

🔑 Visits are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY and require at least 24 hours' notice. Please, no drop-ins as my schedule can't accommodate them.

🔑 NO SOLICITORS. Period. (I'll be screening you! 😮 )

Make Your Appointment Today!

Looking forward to meeting you! We'll grab a cup of coffee as we enjoy an eyeful of fine art and some great conversation, together!

Loyalty Royalty

As one of our collectors, we want to show you our appreciation for joining our tribe. The SFA tribe consists of a group of persons with common interests, such as works of fine art that provide a calming oasis.

We have started a Loyalty Affiliates program to reward our best clients! After a purchase of at least $100 in Fine Art Print orders or $900 in Originals orders, you are automatically tagged as one of our 10% Loyalty Affiliates. This means all future purchases will include a 10% discount code. In addition, if you purchase two or more pieces at the same time, either Originals or Prints or a combination, you will be rewarded with a 15% discount applied to your purchase. (Be sure to contact us before you purchase so we can apply the code.)

We believe that these benefits, along with our Clever Keys to Art Styling, will keep you coming back for more!