Aluminum Petites
"Tribal" Color Abstracts

Designer: Kathi Gerritsen

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Size: 8" x 8" fingers

Color: Classic


These Chromaluxe Aluminum miniatures are fitted with PVC backings for hanging as a single or grouped with other works in your favorite gallery wall arrangement. Vibrantly printed on Chromaluxe HD Aluminum panels, these ornaments are sold as a black and white set or in regionally hued 8" x 8" or 10" x 10" squares.

Note: Due to the abstract design of these sets, they are custom-fitted with a versatile backing, providing the ability to hang in any orientation desired.

🔶These glossy abstract petites are not only jewels for your walls on their own but are also envisioned as accessories to an existing artwork collection, providing extra color and design by adding a unique Zing! to a treasured space.

BONUS: Buy all 4 of these gem sets for a discount price of 15% less than single prints! NOTE: You must contact us first to get your code.

These miniatures are made for customizing! Want a different substrate? Let us know what you’d prefer. Need color matching? Send us the PMS numbers for your décor. Need other sizes? We offer size options almost as large as you can think of due to the digital design of these sets. Contact us to arrange your custom set. We will send you a mock-up of your options along with a price quote.

Visit the SFA 101 page for information about substrates or Contact us.

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Also included in the art styled vignettes: "Tribal Classic" includes 


"With bold patterns that hint at a perception of the exotic, these expressive blocks of bravado will add a stylish emphasis to your space.”

Tribal Classic is the epitome of the most classic combinations of all time. Think of the handsome tuxedo and black tie worn over the crisp white shirt or Coco Chanel’s classically simple little black dress adorned with pearls. And let's not forget the exotic elegance of natural design reflected in the zebra’s patterning, reproduced throughout interiors. When used in a design, alone or merged with other elements, the Tribal patterns of this set are unmistakably bold, adding a stylish emphasis to any décor.

Tribal Northwest reflects colors of a region known for some of the densest forests of our nation, with greens that can overwhelm when among these steadfast giants, the gray-blue hues of the northern Pacific Ocean, the many lakes of the region, the seasonal treat of cherries grown in this region, to the violets of the wild blackberries used for everything from pies and jams to wonderful syrups. These rich colors are set in a base of grey cloud and midnight blue, providing a wonderful contrast for the tribal patterning.

Tribal Southwest reflects the colors of the land and wide-open skies of this vast area. These hues remind us of the rusty, orange-colored buttes and desert sands, the indescribable sunsets enriching us with the glow of rich golds illuminating everything as it disappears on the horizon, the treasured stones such as turquoise discovered through the area’s mining, and the deep red clays of the earth. All of these hues are set in a base of a soft stone and a deep brown-black, providing a wonderful contrast for the Tribal patterning.