PETITE ORIGINAL: Acrylic "Zorro", 12" x 12"

Designer: Kathi Gerritsen

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"Cats are like snowflakes – no two are exactly alike. And I gotta say, after living with three of these furballs for years, I’m convinced that’s a scientific fact."

My cats are like a mixed bag of surprises, a cocktail of personalities that keeps me on my toes. One moment, they're lounging around like they own the place, completely oblivious to the chaos they cause. The next, they're staring at me with those eyes that scream, "I know something you don't," as if they're plotting world domination or something equally diabolical.

But despite their quirks and occasional snooty attitudes, I love them to bits. There's something about cat-goofiness that's just irresistible. I mean, have you seen those cat videos on Instagram? It's like they have a PhD in comedy.

Luckily, they are also great subjects for whimsical art. I don’t know what it is exactly, maybe the way they’re shaped or the expressions they wear on their faces, the way they strut or that goofy thing they’ve got going on. But felines seem to have quirky auras that scream eccentric which, art-wise, give me whimsy-laden ideas.

The acrylic piece spotlighted here has been named “Zorro”, in honor of my sister’s mighty warrior, now ruling over Cat Valhalla. He's got this whole art deco vibe going on that's just too cool for school. And there are more coming – cat-inspired masterpieces in the making, you might say – each with its own energy and swagger - my “Graphicky Aminals”!

So yeah, who says cats have no style? My furballs are the epitome of cool, the embodiment of eccentricity, and I wouldn't have it any other way. 🐾 ~kg


Acrylics on 12" x 12" canvas panel in a simple black frame with a gold inner accent, wired and ready to hang.

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