Aluminum Panels

Designer: Kathi Gerritsen

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Size: 10" x 10" aluminum panel

ALUMINUM PANELS: Digital Creation

Chromaluxe Aluminum Panels in 10" and above are fitted with PVC backings for hanging.

Our Digital Artist creates artwork by combining a variety of real and virtual techniques and art forms using brushes, layers and filters designed over a file of the artist’s photograph or original artwork base, resulting in a truly original, non-duplicatable file. "Beneath" is created with an original oil abstract fused with digital brushwork and layers of original photographic elements, collaged to create this exuberant abstract.

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"Often, a deceptively placid surface disguises a realm lying beneath our view, where aggression and vulnerability co-exist."

I think it’s safe to say that most people, even the most intrepid, have never been to Antarctica. It’s just not on the top ten list of tourist destinations. The closest most of us get is listening to David Attenborough’s cultured narration in documentaries about how the Antarctic flora and fauna survive one of the most brutal environments possible. “Beneath” takes me there, to the snowy cliffs at the ocean’s edge, where seals and penguins slide, tumble and dive into an ocean that could be their salvation, or their end. What lies beneath? Is it friend or foe? Life or death? I root for the Little Guy, hoping he/she will make it through one more day - not only for the sake of the ecosystem, but because they’re (insert Valley Girl inflection here) super cute!

Want some ideas for this? Chromaluxe Aluminum Panels feature a brilliant glossy surface that makes the colors in the piece standout. Since they are fitted with backings for hanging, these can be added as a complimentary accessory to any arrangement of other works on your wall or hung by themselves in an area that needs some color. However, another fun idea is to add a frame over them and you can still use the backing for hanging. This will add even more impact as the frame increases the size of the piece.